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Gratitude multiplied by awareness is amazing.

Leveling up in rehab and recovery

The decisions we make moment to moment, day to day and so on, determine the quality of our life.

I found rewards from others – such as great work opportunities, for being clear and transparent with who I am, what I do and keeping myself well within expected codes of conduct. I’m a straight-edge. I prefer working with achievers and doers. I expect others want to discover how they can begin working toward and even become a straight-edge: they learn from a master. I only expect they show up for tele-coaching sessions and try. The results — good or bad — reflect on my competency and their ability. I take ownership for their attitudes and success or failures.

Recovery coaching includes holistic health: I specialize in nutrition, exercise, connection, health, mindset, relationship coaching. My 40 years of habits, hobbies and a passion for wellness rewards you. I have 20 years of professional rehab consulting.

When and Why Start Recovery Coaching?

When you say, “I’m considering recovery”.

Einstein quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” According to Einstein, we must level up our thinking, ideally by learing a new way of thinking and practicing a successful mindset. Note: changing one’s mind should require learning from another’s. Why? Our mind got us to the exact condition and place we are currently in.

Recovery means getting the appropriate type of help; feeling and doing better usually after a loss; getting over an illness, sickness, accident; repairing personally after a loss of self-respect, reputation, dignity; period beginning by abstaining from addictive behavior or substances with an intent to change; the process of getting better morally, ethically, spiritually, socially.

We rarely start at a “good place”. Often, recovery coaching begins in some level of ruin. Though a life in shambles is no requisite to begin a holistic recovery journey, ‘ruin’ is often a starting point.

Often a simple decision can have a long-term major impact on our future. Because we had that drink, met that person, let our guard down, blew off a responsibility, now life limits the available quality of opportunities.

A disconnection with cause – effect is when a person engages in grey decision making and still expects their choice of ideal outcomes. Spending $100s or $1,000s for a drinking night out and losing motivation for the next day to be fully present and well with the family, is such an example.

Gratitude comes in many flavors, types, and options.

The easiest of all types of gratitudes is one which accepts what is right now, without deflecting, and discovering the opportunity right here right now.

Often the most obvious awareness — the ideas and opportunities we see right now, are the most accessible to us. I’m unusually available for new clients at this time. I’m inviting you to begin working together on recovery.

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