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Go Beyond Sobriety

Hi 👋 I’m Anthony recovery coach at YourRehab.Coach, 

It’s tough to achieve long-lasting health and happiness after recovering from a life event and even trying to soften the effects with alcohol and other drugs.

Your Rehab Coach helps recoverees organically discover the hidden sources of those challenges and regrets, and THEN together we solve those one by one — all through our UNIQUE recovery coaching process.

Imagine the potential happiness & health they could have and enjoy now, and the confidence they will gain by easing into their calling after we take off those limiting and sabotaging reactive habits.

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  1. Discover roads to better health and longevity
  2. Gain CERTAINTY for your better  lifestyle
  3. Gain INSPIRATION for living healthier & happier
  4. Clear out confusions about recovering
  5. Overcome conflicts hindering your success
  6. Raise your ceiling of your success



  1. Get 1 week 7 days, to go through process of self discovery, completing application process, assessment and recommendations, daily text check in, and live 1on1 recovery coaching (in that order).


You get a full 7 Days through this recovery process, starting the moment you apply. Get through application in your first day and you’ll begin assessments, daily text checkins and line up a 1on1 recovery coach phone meeting.

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Your First Step Towards Change

Drug Rehabilitation, rehab coach

If you are here, then you are looking for change. You are reaching out and hoping that your life can finally be different. At YourRehab.Coach, we want to do everything we can to make sure you get what you need to be a success. 

Our holistic coaching methods work with you as an entire person — mind, body and spirit — and help guide you to the right answers and the right resources to achieve all you want. 

We cannot guarantee you success.  But with our coach in your corner, we will give you the best chance. 

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... but is it a problem?

If you or a loved one is facing issues related to alcohol, take our free assessment test to learn how sever the issue may be. 

There are often signs that get missed.

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Learn about our holistic approach to rehabilitation and the experience of our coaches

Our Services

Our coaches can work with you in a variety of ways that suit your time, needs and requirements


We offer a variety of online resources to help you begin your recover journey and give you the best chance to succeed

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