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Addiction is a distraction

with passion that pulls you away from your mission in life. Therefore,you’re not addicted to your purpose in life. You’re addicted to avoiding your purpose in life.Addiction is a distraction and a barrier to living.

Is living your life worth a lot or just a little?

To live life I believe a person needs a mission to LIVE and make life a worthwhile experience. I
hope you want to live a lot!

Those in apathy have different ideals. Apathetic or self-defeating idea can sound like “I’m just
another CO2 producing machine”. These people cave themselves in and cave others in using
shame or doing meaningless tasks, aka ‘ self-defeating addictions’.

Look at symptoms for what they are. The symptom is a consequence of an actual cause.
Ignoring causes and focusing on symptoms is a sure way to losing.

Real life decisions move life forward; decisions or beliefs can also keep you stuck.

The Internet isn’t a thing, it’s a medium of communication, a ‘town square’, a communications

Consider the communication systems in your life. Do you get out of the house, interact with
living people, engage in interesting activities beyond 4 walls? A non-virtual communications
system could be lacking in your own life. What other communications systems do you have
access to?

Revealing vulnerabilities can be uncomfortable. I’ve discovered that I and others compensate for
gaps, emptiness, lack in our own lives. Therefore ‘addiction’ is often a symptom of lack
elsewhere. I’ve always found this so, unpleasant as the truth is, the avoidance of truth is more

Sometimes we don’t know the lack because we believe so thoroughly in a half-baked disorder
another arm-chair expert was more than obliging to label us as or label us with. Where is the
test? Look it over yourself and decide if you are looking at symptoms or causes. Is this label just
a guess? Where is the test showing causes not symptoms?

Some uncomfortable tests you can do yourself:

Ask yourself:

“Do you interact with others, build things, originate communications, etc?

If you or another are having real problems unfixing your attention from the ‘internet’ and fixing
your attention elsewhere, you’ve got a bona fide problem. But the problem is probably not the

If you’ve got other addictions found on the internet, these also apply as a ‘communications

FACT: traps are everywhere.

INCONVENIENT FACT: nothing can trap us without our participation.

There are only 2 places to resolve a problem. When it first happens and right now. Once you are
aware of a problem, you have the capacity to solve it. Becoming willing to solve the problem is
an indicator of sanity. And clinging to a problem … well that’s an indicator of something else.

Offer: Start working professionally with a recovery coach who
understands and can navigate you through any fixation. I routinely accept new clients, but it
won’t be forever. When my calendar is full, costs go up and accessibility is less. You can also
text 1-778-747-3748 and reference this LinkedIn article. I believe in taking the waiting time out of
making decisions and taking action.

Isolation is a ‘tell’ of addiction. Making connection is evidence you’re capable of resolving
personal problems. Following through with solutions often requires expert help from a
professional recovery coach.

What You Do With Problems
Remember, ‘addiction’ is a symptom of another real-life problem. Handling the real-life problems
moves you forward in living. Focusing on ‘addictions’ is simply another trap.

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