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Natural Recovery or Intervention: Living without Drama

I collect successes from many former alcohol abusers, drug abusers, drug dependent people. Why
former? Because it seems you can’t say ‘recovered’ or ‘cured or healed’.
I’m a natural recovery professional, a holistic recovery coach, wellness coach, et al. I’ve discovered that
people do get better but not how or why you think.

The apparent cycle of recovery is: a person drank too much, had family and living problems, add in some
health threats and trips to the MD and then got on the ‘right’ treatment plan and are now ‘better’.
While it is true people get better even with artificial (manmade) treatments, natural recovery from alcohol
abuse is the true healer. Artificial treatments, government approved or funded programs such as
allopathic drugs, interventions (Dr Phil style) and surgery could be the lot for drinkers and smokers.
But if you’re expecting to “get healed” as Van Morrison sang in a song chorus, I’ve found getting well
happens through natural recovery. Remember, the lie is “But recovery takes a long-time.” Truth is time is
no healer. More on healing later on.

Intelligent natural recovery actions should evolve wellbeing. But who heals anymore?

Natural recovery (not time) is the best healer. While I expect everyone to be eating high quality healing
foods, I realize you don’t. I find myself sharing recipes and healthy info with clients, because I’ve also got
45 years of part-time professional and hobby study and experience healing with food as medicine and
natural supplementation. But remember, I do not claim to heal anything. Healing is a life giving activity.
People should feel good, really good, after a holistic recovery coaching session. Why? Because the truth
heals. Now, where can we get more of that? Coming right up!
“Let they food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” Hippocrates, father of pre 20th century
Going back to nature has come full circle, even in Medical Science. But don’t tell the pharma lobby that.
‘Natural cures’ are bad for business … until they figure out the patent, (for those who got the joke, please

continue, you’ll love the rest of this article. For those who got offended, I apologize if I’ve micro-
aggressed against you or a group you associate with.)

If you’re still with me, there is another aspect of natural recovery in addition to sunlight, energy, oxygen,
and natural food. Nature and living seem to be inseparable. Mother nature intended it so, imo.
The secret ingredient of natural recovery is ‘you’ and ‘me’. Here may be the place for sermons about
‘living spirit’, ‘miracle cures’, or ‘life-source’. So, can also these holistic recovery coaching messages on

Oh, about that success that took awhile, couple of years actually. Here it is from Steven Miller on Quora.
It’s from a lively 2 way comment another writer and I were having:

“For the first several years of sobriety I stayed busy. Very busy. And I went and got myself 2 dogs. Having
a few hobbies to keep my mind busy helped tremendously. Hindsight has taught me that too many
people who quit alcohol/drugs find themselves sitting around wondering what to do with themselves.
When someone suddenly quits using alcohol/drugs anymore, it leaves a void in one’s life that needs to
be filled and not doing so can leave a person feeling very empty inside. At that point you have only three

you can relapse.

you live a life full of regret.

you can move on.

The way I see it, I wasn’t QUITTING alcohol, I was STARTING a new life. I stopped allowing alcohol to
be a part of my thinking and when having to deal with the consequences of having used alcohol/drugs
my entire life as an adult … I took long walks with my dogs.
We took a LOT of walks.”

That seems pretty … normal actually. Being recovered happens frequently, like love and recovery, natural
rehabilitation is a guided process toward wellbeing. Yes, it’s a state of mind, with a healthy place to go.
So what’s the problem Tony (I am “Anthony recovery coach” — ARC online and in business) , you ask?

There are too many problems and solutions. Even wrong solutions and wrong problems so confuse
people trying to recover they do not know how to walk down the simple trail to natural wellbeing and

And that my friend, is what a holistic recovery coach does. We help a person return themselves to natural
health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in communicating about finding your recovery road faster,
contact me here at

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