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Leveling Up – 5 Levels Up to An Amazing Recovery Journey: The First Couple Levels

Leveling up in rehab and recovery

Leveling Up: gaining new tools, skills, powers, abilities in game play.

Shocking truth — Life and living is game play.

Leveling up in holistic recovery coaching with Anthony Recovery Coach, has many short, medium and
longer-term milestones. Recovery milestones include and are not limited to: sobriety, sanity, wellness,
comfort in own skin, inspiration, ability to recognize truth, renewed purpose, connection, community, and

I point out to new recoverees that recovery coaching milestones can occur for them on level 1 of
recovery coaching, and frequently these milestones do occur on level 1. Some people believe achieving
any one of these holistic recovery milestone is a reason to consider recovery is complete. For an alcohol,
drug or pharma habituated person, feeling comfortable in their own skin is near impossible without using,
so they think.

One of my recoverees was able to feel at ease without alcohol after the first couple of days without
drinking and following a fairly intensive nutritional and supplemental regime of vitamins, special nutrients
and some energetic work. Because it’s so easy for me to produce physical wellness, and some
recoverees cling to addictive habits, I decided upon offering holistic treatments only. Helping another
getting over physical problems is relatively easy for me – I’ve been practicing natural health for 45 years.
I no longer have to think about how to help another remedy a bad condition. I suggest using only natural
foods and techniques.

As a holistic practitioner in the recovery coaching and consulting space I acknowledge the person and
spirit is the true healer. Recovery is simply the process of returning a recoveree back onto their true road,
their own way. The new recoveree needs support, guidance and encouragement. They also need to
continually practice driving ON THE ROAD. Recovery is the process of staying on the road, getting back
on the road, and being clear on their destiny or purpose.

Recovery is purposeful.

We take up “Why recovery” in our qualifying session I call Level 0. The reason recoverees get great
results is because I help them qualify for recovery coaching. Level 0 includes an interview – get to know
you and me – and finding out what is it you really want. Next comes an ability to follow simple directions,
over 80% who can follow a simple direction and do it swiftly, will achieve meaningful recovery.
So you’ve called me, we discovered your immediate needs and wants, you signed up, paid your money
and now you’re on Level 1 recovery coaching with Anthony – excellent!

Level 1, Relationships is the base level of holistic recovery. I happen to know at least 16 different types of
relationships people need to restore and be aware of and have a passible functioning standard in, in
order to level up through and past level 1 – Relationships. Let’s face it, you’re probably trying to fix a bad
relationship by clouding your unwanted emotions, sensations or poor experiences with that relationship –
even if that means living in your world!

Why don’t I just ‘fix’ people quickly if I’m such a hotshot recovery coach & consultant?
As a side note: The reason that Anthony Recovery Coach has 5 levels of recovery is to ensure people
know before hand, I’m not a doctor. I’m not here to momentarily remedy their ailment with a fix. I
discovered that if I give an alcoholic, addict or pharma dependent person a quick fix, they will remain an
addict indefinitely. Recovering from addictions is an inside job. Recovery involves your participation.
Wisdom eventually won me over from practicing my impulsive – immediate gratification – desires to
quickly solve your physical problems. Any physical ailment is a symptom of disharmony in a person’s life.
Playing doctor is not unlike playing God. Expecting another to solve problems for you brings about an
unnatural dependency on others and creates a focus on supernatural and external power to resolve all of
one’s misgivings. Externalizing internal problems plays into an addictive habit or desire to blame others.
One’s own thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and results of a mal-lived lifestyle happen due to another’s bad
actions or intentions – so they say.

While God, and the Spirit has miraculous healing powers, if one believes in such gods and spirits, one
needs a clear channel for them to work through you. Holistic recovery clears your channels of energy,
force and intention. You move towards aligning your drives through communication in harmony this time.
There is a personal reward and benefit to building a channel to flow building energies through you in
positive ways for self and others and eschew or disregard using poisons to keep the flow open. A person

develops a winning character and discipline, these are their own rewards. You see, I’m not a gambling
man. I expect your recovery success, I do not merely hope for it.

I want to set people up for success in recovery. The wrong way to set you up for recovery is by
neglecting relationship fundamentals. That sets you up for long-term failure regardless of how much you
want and desire recovery. The more money, power, and prestige you have more important relationship
fundamentals need to be established. The more you have to lose, the greater the importance of great
relationship skills. As a vital important note: the less you have the MORE you have to gain and the less
room for failure you have – so I strongly recommend working with a holistic recovery coach if you’re

Another reason I insist on getting your relationship with yourself, your vocation, and your close
associates at a good place before we move onto level 2, Awareness’s:

I hope to minimize the shock of discovering a toxic or bad person still at work in your life. Their negative
intentions toward you would sabotage your recovery before it was able to get off the beginning Levels of
0 and 1.

If you want to succeed in life, it’s best not to hang around a vocation or ‘friends’ who would happily stick
you and drink your life blood and energy as you die and then rush around demanding desperately that
others save you. Enough of this negativity! We handled all those toxic people on level 1 and now we are
on level 2!

Onto level 2: Awareness’s. “We tend to externalize internal problems.” Kye Fox RC. Level one contains
most external problems in a person’s life. At least the problems associated with others – which add up to
many for most humans. Level 2 Awareness’s puts one’s attention on knowing self. “All this and we
haven’t even got to Level 4 yet?” “That’s correct.”

The oldest deeply holistically philosophical truth is: “Know thyself, and the truth shall set you free.”
Factually, most drinkers and druggers are afraid of finding themselves. What they think is there would
scare them … if it were true.

Alcohol and drugs block self-awareness for a drinker, drug abuser, or pharma user. Their awareness gets
suppressed by toxic drugs. Drugs act as buzzes of confusion between body-mind-spirit.

Therefore drinkers crave more buzz to keep them away from their own unwanted and sometimes dark
thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Toxic behavior and dark thoughts cloud awareness of self. Factually, a
depressed person, an inebriated, stoned or pharma induced being has been disconnected from their
natural mind and body. That means you’re probably not even disconnecting from your OWN mind, spirit
or natural reactions. Yep, they are someone else’s. This is pretty deep, but if you’ve ever said, “I don’t
feel like myself,” you know about this disconnect but haven’t found yourself again, yet.

Gradually reconnecting a person’s awareness back to themselves brings about personal recovery
stability. Holistic recovery is built up from a stable platform called your true ‘self’. Awareness is the name
of Level 2. The quality we develop in Level 2is Consciousness. Consciousness is also explained as
awareness of awareness. Meaning, we know that we are thinking and we can redirect our thinking onto
other thoughts, create new thoughts and more. That’s called conscious thinking. Conscious thinking is a
high level of sobriety and recovery. Again, many people don’t believe that conscious thinking is even
possible, only the guru’s can do it. Factually, we are all capable of conscious thought, but we rarely
practice mindfulness enough to do it easily. People also believe they can only are aware of themselves
while stoned or doped up – what an addiction trap that is!

The simplicity of level 2 Awareness betrays it’s amazing impact on recovery. No I’m not teaching you how
to be one with your navel. I’m showing you simple exercises to practice conscious living in relation to
each part of those automatic connection we take for granted, you know, like knowing when to eat or stop
eating. As a side-benefit, digestion problems, health and wellness increase as a by-product of conscious

This article deals in detail with level 0, level 1, and level 2. I will briefly mention Level 3 and 4 below, but I
won’t be explaining them here in this article. Below is a brief explanation of Level 3 Skills and Level 4

After achieving a good grounding in personal awareness of being with your body, we move onto the “big
pants” levels of level 3 and 4. On level 3 Skills, we gain skill in practicing your new abilities in
relationships and awareness in different situations. Level 3 Skills is probably the most fun level. A person
gains comfort and competences in living comfortably in new living situations. This new-found ability helps

them keep it together and remain in the zone.

Level 4 Abilities happen when you’ve got your Level 3 Skills in your back pocket and it’s time to level up.
Level 4 Abilities flourish only after your earlier levels are in place, meaning you’re competent and it’s
easy to do those earlier levels. By level 4 we see your ability manifest to be a veritable Jedi amongst
others. Most likely you have achieved a higher station in life, in your relationships and you have become
‘the person people go to’ for help, advice and leadership. Your opinion matters on Level 4 as people
gravitate to you because of your natural confidence, calmness, skill and ability to stay in the zone in
many of the games you play in life.

The 5 holistic levels of recovery are waiting for you to engage in them with me. Your successful recovery
is no longer a gamble. By knowing the way, you take 90% of the failure out of your recovery journey. The
final 10% requires you diligent intention to recover. I’m here for all your recovery success.
Anthony recovery coach & consultant, holistic recovery coach

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